oberhasli goat characteristics

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This breed is relatively new, only formally recognized in 1978, and is still fairly uncommon. Manner – Very friendly and loving goat; Goat Breed #7 – Oberhasli. Its appearance is alert and vigorous while having a … The coloring of the breed is called "chamoisée" or "chamoisee" for its perceived resemblance to the colors of the wild Alpine chamois. These goats are used as pack animals since they love to work and do well in a group. Oberhasli goats are fast becoming a favorite among dairy goat farmers and breeders, pet owners, and even as working goats. The LaMancha, Oberhasli, Saanen, and Nigerian Dwarf are breeds that tend to be more docile and willing to work for people. Oberhasli Milkers. The does height averages at around 76 cm at withers and the male stand about 76 cm at withers. And maximum height for purebred Mini Oberhasli bucks is 30 inches and 28 inches for does. Bucks must be red bay to be registered. Oberhasli Goat Characteristics The coloring of Oberhasli goat breed is commonly known as “chamoisee”, perceived for its resemblance to the wildlife animal, Alpine chamois. Quick Navigation Oberhasli Goat OriginOberhasli Goat UsesOberhasli […] American Dairy Goat Association currently maintains herd books for the following breeds of dairy goats: Alpine, LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Sable and Toggenburg. These are Time's offspring. OBERHASLI . Known for their beautiful coats and striking colors, Oberhasli is a great family milk goat. American and Purebred Miniature Oberhasli. Oberhasli goat derives from the sub-type of Chamois Colored goat in the Bernese Oberland’s Oberhasli area … Minimum height for the bucks is 23 inches and 21 inches for the does. Phone: 704-286-3801 Reference: Oberhasli Dairy Goat Homepage. Mini Oberhasli Goat. Mini Oberhasli Goat Characteristics. The Oberhasli Goat Club was founded to promote the Oberhasli Goat breed and to recognize the breed’s versatile abilities through awards for excellence in production, performance, and appraisal. You can order color prints of the dairy goat breed photos shown on this page: Order Correct Color Prints of Dairy Goats >> Alpine The Mini-Oberhasli is a cross of Nigerian Dwarf and a Swiss dairy goat noted for its rich red bay coat ranging from light bay to a dark bay or solid black in does. Below we list first our milkers, next dry stock and then our foundations does that started our lines (so you can see where we came from). Champion Blue Ridge Shannon Deceased. The Oberhasli goat is a breed of goat developed in the hills of Switzerland. It utilized for milk production and is likewise known as Oberhasli Brienzer or Swiss Alpine. The Mini Oberhasli has all the same striking characteristics as its standard-sized counterpart but it is just smaller. They are a very friendly goat and do not frighten easily like the other breeds tend to do. SOURCE Oberhasli goats have a handsome coloring, docile disposition, and excellent milk production. Mini Oberhasli goat is the smaller version of the standard Oberhasli goat. They have agreeable temperaments, and are less likely to be aggressive than other breeds. Took 4th place three year old at 2006 National show The U.S. standard describes a minimum height for mature Oberhasli does as 28"/71cm at the withers with a minimum weight of 120#/54.54kg. They are goats though, and being goats, they can and will decide to take a day off and be bad. Minimums for bucks are 30"/76cm in height and 150#/68.18kg in weight. Characteristics. American Dairy Goat Association, PO Box 865, Spindale, NC 28160. Senior-get-of-sire &Best-3-females Dist III Obie Speciality. Standards for the Oberhasli are published by the American Dairy Goat Association and by the American Goat Society.

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