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Prior authorization is advanced approval of specific procedures, services, medical devices, supplies, and medications by CHPW. Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) is Washington's managed care Medicaid program, providing comprehensive medical benefits to adults, families, people with disabilities, children under 19, and pregnant women who meet income requirements. Washington Prior Authorization Electronic Submissions (11/2019) If you select the Washington Apple Health Behavioral Health Services Only (BHSO) plan, the lookup tool provides PA and coverage information for behavioral health benefits only. Jakafi (Washington) Prior Authorization Form - Community Plan. We look forward to working with you to provide quality services to our members. Otherwise we may not pay for the service. Interested in joining our provider network? The Health Care Authority is working with managed care plans that serve Apple Health clients to create the Apple Health PDL. Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible. Korlym (Washington) Prior Authorization Form - Community Plan. How CHPW Determines Prior Authorization. Guidelines and/or Local Coverage Guidelines Cascade Care – Cascade Select = CHNW - Cascade Select Explanation of Coverage (EOC) Failure to obtain the required prior authorization . Prior Authorization Requirements for Washington Medicaid Effective July 1, 2019 General Information . Launch Availity. NOTE: If you have an Apple Health managed care plan, such as Amerigroup, Community Health Plan of Washington United Healthcare Community Plan, … Doc#: PCA-1-016562-09222020_11172020. Visit To see what drugs are preferred and whether they need a prior authorization (PA), please go to the Apple Health Single PDL website. Washington Apple Health IMC & Behavioral Health Services Only = HCA Provider Billing . Please refer to the Prior Authorization Code Lookup Tool for additional details on services listed. Washington Apple Health IMC = HCA Provider . FFS= services covered with your Medicaid Services Card through Washington Apple Health Medicaid . n Counseling services. Lenvima (Washington) Prior Authorization Form - Community Plan. This Amerigroup Washington, Inc. Apple Health (Medicaid) Provider Manual outlines information for providers serving our Integrated Managed Care (IMC) members and Behavioral Health Services Only (BHSO) members. The Medicaid Prior Authorization Guide is a listing of codes that allows contracted providers to determine if a prior authorization is required for a health care service and the supporting documentation requirements to demonstrate the medical necessity for a service. First Name: MI: Last Name: DOB: Member ID: Physician Information . Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) covers many treatments and services. may result in a denied claim. As of 5/1/2017, Envolve Pharmacy Solution MAC appeals are being managed by CVS Caremark ®. Created Date: 7/15/2019 11:39:23 AM The Health Care Authority (HCA) implemented the Apple Health Single PDL on January 1, 2018. Claims & Disputes. Covered services include: n Skilled nursing. Guidelines Manual and/or Fee Schedule Medicare Advantage = National Coverage . Please refer to the Prior Auth Reference Guide (PDF) for questions. Forms. Managed-care plans will continue to use their own preferred drug lists for drugs not included in the Apple Health PDL. You or your provider may call us and request a free copy of the decision-making criteria for services. Plan Washington Apple Health Eventos de Medicaid Inicio de sesión Buscar un proveedor Cómo inscribirse ... For specific details, please refer to the provider manual. Envolve Pharmacy Solutions, Coordinated Care's pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), processes pharmacy claims and administers the medication prior authorization process. Before you get certain services, you may need a referral from your PCP or preapproval (called prior authorization) from Amerigroup. Drugs and DME require separate prior authorization. Prior Authorization. Billing Guidelines Manual and/or Fee Schedule Medicare Advantage = National Coverage . Prior authorization is not required for: n Diagnostic and screening tests. Outpatient Washington Prior Authorization Form. View online or download now. Join our network. CHPW APPLE HEALTH PLAN. If you are uncertain that prior authorization is needed, please submit a request for an accurate response. The Medicaid Prior Authorization Guide may be subject to change at any time. Prior authorization means your provider has to check with us to make sure we will cover a treatment, drug, or piece of equipment. Prior authorization is required for digital hearing aids. For more info, contact the HCA Medical Assistance Customer Service Center: 1-800-562-3022. 2019 Benefits At-A-Glance . Rev.0716 Medication Prior Authorization Request Form Coordinated Care, Washington *** Do Not Use This Form for Biopharmaceutical Products *** CoverMyMeds is Coordinated Care’s preferred way to receive prior authorization requests. Last Published 06.04.2019. Psychological Testing Request for Authorization. n Hearing aid evaluations. Prior Authorization Requirements. Washington Apple Health IMC Intake Request Fax Form (updated 9/2019) Washington Electronic Submission Form - commercial providers only. It offers all the care you need, as well as many extra benefits that go beyond Apple Health alone. Medical benefits for BHSO members are not provided. To get a referral or preapproval, talk to your primary care provider (PCP). All managed care plans and the fee-for-service program serving Apple Health clients use this PDL. Benefits of Community Health Plan of Washington care Our three enhanced plans offer different services and benefits to fit your life. Physician, Health Care Professional, Facility and Ancillary Washington Apple Health Molina Healthcare of Washington Prior Authorization/ Medication Exception Request Allow 2 business days to process Fax: (800) 869-7791 Phone: (800) 213-5525 Date Patient Name (Last, First, MI) … Last Published 01.29.2019. And some services need prior authorization. Prior authorization review is the process to determine medical necessity of said services, according to clinical care guidelines and utilization management criteria.. We help coordinate physical and behavioral health care and offer education, access to care and disease services through Washington Apple Health non- Have your provider fax your request and supporting paperwork to the Health Care Authority at 1-866-668-1214. Behavioral Health Prior Auth Request Form 2020: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy Prior Authorization Form 2020: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Level of Support Requirement: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Provider UM Guide: FAQs for ABA Treatment Prior Authorization: Prior Auth - Pre-Service Guide Medicaid Effective 01/01/2020 v 52_10.2020. Kisqali (Washington) Prior Authorization Form - Community Plan. Referrals You’ll need a referral before you go to a: Specialist; Hospital for nonemergency care Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Forms. Please see current effective date of this guide. At Amerigroup Washington, Inc., we value you as a provider in our network. Improving the Patient Experience CME ; Referrals; Learn about Availity; Patient360; Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Medical Management Model; Quality Management; Claims. Guidelines and/or Local Coverage Guidelines Cascade Care – Cascade Select = CHNW - Cascade Select Explanation of Coverage (EOC) Failure to obtain the required prior authorization . That's why we’ve redesigned the provider site to make it more useful for you and easier to use. All covered services must be medically necessary and are subject to prior authorization requirements. This prior authorization requirem ent is another step we are taking in support of theTriple Aim to improve care experiences, outcomes and total cost of care for UnitedHealthcareCommunity Plan members. 2020 . may result in a denied claim. Prior Authorization Lookup Tool; Training Academy. Please contact [email protected] with any questions. The Washington Apple Health Medicaid Handbook for members of Coordinated Care tells you how our program works and what we offer. Some of these services require a referral, while others don’t. Telephonic Prior Authorization: 1-855-757-6565 (available 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST) Envolve Pharmacy Solutions will respond via fax or phone within 24 hours of receipt of the prior authorization request. Pharmacy Maximum Allowance cost (MAC) Appeal . As a leader in integrated managed health care services for the public sector, Amerigroup Washington, Inc. helps adults, low-income families, children, pregnant women, those with disabilities and special needs plans get the health care they need. Care Provider Manual. Substance Use Disorder Inpatient Treatment Prior Authorization and Continued Care Request. Washington Apple Health Plan Mental Health Login Find a Provider How to Enroll Benefits and Services Integrated Benefits Overview ... please refer to the provider manual. Substance Use Disorders Inpatient Discharge Form. Molina Healthcare of Washington Phone: (800) 213-5525 Option 1-2-2 | Fax: (800) 869-7791 Urgent . Some services require prior authorization from Coordinated Care in order for reimbursement to be issued to the provider. WISe Change in Service Notification Form. Our Apple Health plan covers kids and adults up to age 64. If you are uncertain that prior authorization is needed, please submit a request for an accurate response. n Home health aides. Please refer to the Prior Auth Reference Guide (PDF) for questions. This list contains prior authorization requirements for care providers who participate with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan in Washington for inpatient and outpatient services. Reauthorization Patient Information . Find benefits BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Prior Authorization Fax: 1-866-399-0929 Prior Authorization Phone: 1-866-716-5099 Clinical Hours: Monday – Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. (PST) Help Desk: 1-877-250-6176 Prior Authorization To request prior authorization, please submit y our request online, or by phone. Washington Apple Health IMC Behavioral Health Prior Authorization Request Radiology Prior Authorization and Notification Program The radiology prior authorization and notification programs support the consistent use of evidence-based, professional guidelines for diagnostic imaging procedures. Last Published 06.04.2019. Anyone between ages 19 to 65, who meets income standards, is eligible. TMS Authorization Request Form (NEW) - electronic submission; Washington Medicaid IMC Authorization Form. Community Health Plan of Washington and its providers use guidelines for care written by experts in the field of medicine and behavioral health. Home health care Prior authorization is required.

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